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SOLOMAGIA Cigarettes (Blu) by Les French Twins - Close-Up Magic - Giochi di Magia e Prestigio

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The French TWINS. after America's Got Talent. ARE BACK with a new SPECTACULAR TRICK!!! Many magicians already use it ALL OVER THE WORLD! Because it's more than a trick! It's a REPUTATION MAKER! The French TWINS are known for creating powerful and innovative magic! EFFECT: The spectator selects a card and signs it. You tear it and give them a piece of the card to hold. Ask them for a cigarette. light it and blow on the rest of the card. The card disappears! Now... At the fingertips and with no cover. the spectator can tear open the cigarette by themselves. THERE IS A CARD INSIDE! It's the rest of the spectator's signed card! They can examine everything. The beauty of this effect is that you use NOTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY -- just borrow a cigarette and that's it. The moment you give them the cigarette. you're completely clean. This impossible souvenir is a true reputation maker. Have this superhero power in your pocket ready to perform ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. STRONG and A DEFINITE WORKER. What is inside the box 20 Cigarettes Online video instructions - GIMMICK INCLUDED - READY TO PERFORM - VERY EASY TO DO Remember: Very well-made gimmick Resets instantly Easy to do Visual and clean Unexpected Created and Produced by Tony and Jordan - Les French TWINS CIGARETTES is very different from your standard card effect. Make an impact. Get CIGARETTES TODAY.
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